Frequently Asked Questions

announcement For Delivery Order, The time slot you choose is a time for Delivery Rider's Pick up. MUST choose 30 min earlier than you want to receive. Please understand that We could not answer a call during peak hour.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Check out

2. Click The QR code to download to your phone

3. Open your any app could scan QR code for payment such as paynow, payanyone, paylah, etc.

4. Find 'Scan' feature. it normally look like QR code scanning icon.

5. Find 'photo library' (POSB) or 'Album' (PayLah) or 'import QR' (OCBC) etc. it is located somewhere in the screen surely!!

6. Retrieve the QR code just now you downloaded. It normally placed very first one. The QR code will be expired in 5 mins for security purpose.

7. The payee will be OMISE as it is our payment vendor for paynow only.

8. Payment completed with order no

9. if you are first time order via online, check your email folder for junk or spam. You have already received the confirmation email